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Rapid implementation of the Raion Smart Palletizer station...

is real, tangible benefit for your company. Raion Smart Palletizer has been designed for the simplest and fastest possible installation in the selected production and warehouse area of the company.

The light and mobile design allows internal transport between...

individual areas of the factory with a forlift or pallet truck. The tare weight of the stand, regardless of the cooperating robot used, does not exceed 400kg.



Adapted for quick transport with a forklift or pallet truck.


Requires little space near the end of the line.


The stand works with cobots with certified safety systems.


The control system enables the configuration of operating modes, palletizing systems and supported packages.

basic technical parameters


handling euro pallets and industrial pallets


work with cardboard boxes up to 11.5 kg


palletizing height up to 1.9 meters or 2.3 meters


obsługa palet EURO
1200x800mm oraz palet
przemysłowych 1200x1000mm


praca z kartonami o masie
do 11,5 kg


wysokość paletyzacji do 1,9m
lub 2,3 metra


fast work - cycle time less than 9 seconds


working with two different products at the same time


security scanners 3 Cat. PLd


szybka praca - czas cyklu
poniżej 9 sekund


praca z dwoma różnymi
produktami w tym samym czasie


skanery bezpieczeństwa
3 Kat. PLd

A set of safety laser scanners and a collaborative robot make...

Raion Smart Palletizer a completely safe solution for humans, without the need for specialized fencing. Such a concept of the palletizing station ensures high flexibility of cooperation with the operator - pallet replacement, supplementation of spacers - without the need to stop the station.

Raion Smart Palletizer can simultaneously handle two line ends...

depending on the configuration, alternately stacking one product onto two pallets or two products at the same time, each on its own pallet. What's more, the station can also be used to depalletize cardboard boxes, which additionally increases its functional scope.

The station allows you to work with cardboard boxes weighing up to 11.5 kg...

while handling one or two euro or industrial pallets. The use of a retractable column [7th axis] enables effective palletization up to a height of 2300 mm.
All with a cycle time of less than 9 seconds per carton or multiple thereof.


Hanwha Palletizing

RAION SMART PALLETIZER stand with the use of a Hanwha robot.

Fanuc Palletizing

RAION SMART PALLETIZER stand with the use of a Fanuc robot.

HMI interface

The intuitive application for configuring the workstation parametrs allows the operator to operate quickly, easily and pleasantly.

Raion Smart Palletizer works with robots of the best brands.

RAION SMART PALLETIZER can charge yours from 999 EUR net per month in leasing for business

In addition, take advantage of the robotization discount and deduct up to 50% of the investment costs from your income robotization also in the case of leasing.

Don't wait, the time to robotize your plant has just come!

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If you need such solutions in your factory, please contact us. As a solution producer with smart palletizer, we are able to create a position tailored to your needs!

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